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UK-VOIP is a global telecommunications and Internet voice services provider, based in Benghazi-Libya, that offers wholesale and retail telephony services. In Sep. 2016, with our ambitious and professional staff who have ten years of experience in communications, we established our independent business meeting the requirements of voice customer service, which is known today as "UK-VOIP Telecom Company". Our comprehensive International Voice Services we provide are designed to offer the most competitive pricing to fulfill the various requirements and needs of our customers. We have always focused, as a voice service provider, on supplying best and high quality worldwide voice termination to our clients, and on providing cost efficient voice routing. We deal with Wholesale and Retail Volume of Traffic for A- Z terminations. Through UK-VOIP expert team, our main goal is to take the time to understand your specific requirements in order to make the best quality service available for your end users. Furthermore, we offer you the reliability as well as the best customer service and technical support to manage any technical issues you may not be able to resolve and provide you with complete solutions. Technical Support for troubleshooting outage situations is available 24 hours a day,      7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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Contact Us

Alfwihat, Benghazi, Libya